Telus does in fact unlock iPhones

About a year ago I remember reading an article about Telus unlocking all phones by request within 90 days of contract (essentially beyond the return policy – makes sense!) At the time, all phones were supported except for iPhones. I’m guessing this is due to the time required to build a tie-in with Apple’s unlocking system, as the technicaly unlock itself is handled by a server or two that belongs to Apple.

I’m not entirely sure when iPhone unlocking was finally added, and I’m sure this is now old news, but I can say for certain that it’s now available. A simple search of the Telus website reveals their unlocking policy page, including information on unlocking iPhones. Screenshot of this very section:

Telus iPhone Unlock Info

As I understand it, and as described at multiple news sources, the service costs $50 (same as Rogers), yet the unlock can be completed at any point after 90 days of your contract. Anyone who has read my article on Rogers iPhone unlocking, you’ll know that Rogers requires you wait until your entire 3-year contract has ended before allowing the phone to be unlocked (when unlocking the phone is in some ways useless to the customer).

Go Telus!

With this unlocking policy in place and their considerably better customer service I aim to switch to Telus in the next 1-2 months. Perhaps we can hope for decent 2-year contract pricing from the company at some point in the near future.

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