A quick update on Firefox: version 41

By Jordan / August 30, 2015 /

I recently decided to try Firefox again after this failure from a couple years back at just measly little v16. I’m now on v41 and have largely found many of the same issues, such as the fact that the ugly UI elements are still there. The tab bar is still way too tall… why do…

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Steam for Mac: still a UI disaster

By Jordan / December 21, 2011 /

Back in my dark ages of computing, when I only had a PC and I pirated just about every game and application I used, Steam was launched, promising to revolutionize the gaming industry. It did not, at least not at the time. When all you wanted to do was use a CD-Key and no-CD Crack…

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Moving your calendars from MobileMe to iCloud

By Jordan / October 14, 2011 /

If you recently completed the great move of 2011, from MobileMe to iCloud and your Apple ID uses a different email address than your MobileMe email, then you’ve likely now discovered the odd duality that is your new iCloud account. Following the transition, I was left with two iCloud accounts: The primary iCloud account appropriately…

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Why I stopped using Google+

By Jordan / August 18, 2011 /

My feelings towards Google+ were best described by Alex Albrecht on an episode of Diggnation a few weeks back when he said “I’m hesitantly optimistic [about Google+].” In other words, I’m hesitant because Google Buzz didn’t do much for me along with a ton of other Google services that were overhyped and under-delivered. Wave, anyone?…

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