How I nearly eliminated toxic interruptions

By Jordan / July 4, 2011 /

Even as a kid, I couldn’t stand interruptions. I’d be watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and be interrupted by a family member suddenly wanting to chat mid-episode. Or I’d be right in the middle of an intense section of a great Hardy Boys book and bam! Someone just starts talking to me about nothing of…

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Bell Canada Customer Service Fail

By Jordan / April 15, 2011 /

This is not an experience of my own, but rather one I witnessed as it went down just last week. My friend and colleague went on vacation in Florida with his Bell Canada locked iPhone. A few days in he discovered that he had been charged $0.75 for every text message in and out, and…

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The Rogers iPhone Unlock Fiasco [Updated]

By Jordan / February 27, 2011 /

Unlocking the iPhone has always been a tedious task compared to other phones. While you can easily obtain BlackBerry unlock codes for less than a dollar to enter into your phone for carrier-free calling in a matter of minutes, the iPhone requires a considerably more in-depth procedure to accomplish the same thing. It starts with…

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French Canadian keyboards. Nobody likes them and nobody wants them (except Quebec).

By Jordan / July 6, 2010 /

All of the notebook computers at Future Shop (except Apple and Dell computers) have been shipping with French Canadian keyboards for about 2(+?) years now. They are annoying. They are restrictive. They cause typos ALL the time. Yet, nearly all of the big name manufacturers are still shipping them. Why are they doing this to…

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