Comic Zeal for iPad: Detailed Review

By Jordan / May 5, 2010 /

From the first time I saw the Marvel app for iPad reviewed, I knew that reading comic books had never looked better or more intuitive on an electronic device. Reading on the iPhone screen is similar, but certainly too small. Reading on my laptop seemed to work well, but it was definitely uncomfortable trying to…

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On The Ars Technica Review of Windows 7

By Jordan / November 7, 2009 /

I sat down on this nice and quiet Saturday, with the sun streaming through the trees (and my window), to take a read through my long list of unread articles in NetNewsWire. It was then I realized that I hadn’t had a chance, or thought, to read through my selected news feeds in many weeks!…

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VMWare Fusion 3.0 and Parallels Desktop 5

By Jordan / November 6, 2009 /

Long ago, when VMWare Fusion was first announced, Parallels Desktop was the only way of running Windows on a Mac (I think this was even before Boot Camp came along). VMWare was the sort-of goliath virtualization company, having long since been making Windows and Linux based virtualization solutions. I remember downloading the trial of Parallels…

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Microsoft Notebook Mouse 5000 not working with Ubuntu or Moblin?

By Jordan / September 8, 2009 /

It turns out there’s an issue getting many Microsoft Bluetooth mice working with Ubuntu 9.04. In my brief research on the topic, I have learned that in an attempt to make Bluetooth configuration easier for 9.xx, the Bluetooth stack used by default was changed, and sadly does not update through the normal system updates. After…

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