In search of the best netbook operating system (OS). Win7, WinXP, Ubuntu NR, Jolicloud, Moblin – all here!

By Jordan / September 7, 2009 /

Netbooks are an interesting phenomenon. Every day I see people purchasing them for both notebook replacements and the novelty factor, not to mention those simply upgrading from their 10 year old desktop just looking for the cheapest portable available! Although many are able to succeed at replacing their notebooks with a netbook, many are not…

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Moblin HP Mini 1035nr Wireless Drivers

By Jordan / September 5, 2009 /

For those with an HP Mini 1035nr, you have a Broadcom chip, and because Moblin was started by Intel staff, it appears support for that chip is non-existent. But! Never fear! Apparently the Dell Mini 9 also uses this chipset, and luckily this kind person (who apparently also has a Mac) has placed instructions for…

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Facebook: $1 Million A Month in Power Costs

By Jordan / November 1, 2008 /

Facebook: $1 Million A Month in Power Costs: “Facebook is reportedly spending more than $1 million a month on power for its data centers as it deals with an enormous volume of user-generated content. Looks like Zuckerberg needs to take a hint from Google and start submerging their datacentres. That particular article mentions that the…

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